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About Us

Amber Perkins'  philosophy as president and owner of Highway Guardraill LLC....

"Each situation (and company) is unique. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach will never full-fill our clients needs so we pride ourselves in providing a customized  solution that is catered specifically to each of our client's situations."

My commitment to results
When I work for you, I roll up my sleeves and become your business partner. My success is measured by following three simple rules: 
  • Highest quality of materials used.
  • Highest standard of work provided to each client.
  • Competative marketplace pricing.

My experience
Results-driven guardrail project manager and business owner with over 20 years of hands on experience and training in the guardrail industry. History of concurrently directing multiple projects to successful completion through effective management and team collaboration. Continually strives to produce high quality guardrail installation while adhering to a tight schedule and budget. Advanced understanding of customer needs with diligent attention to detail results in superior customer service and high levels of client satisfaction. 
  • DBE, WBE, SBE Certified
  • Sub-Contractors License
  • Bachelors of Business Administration
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